Laundry Room Ideas to Freshen up the Small Space

Laundry room ideas to freshen up the small space -- If the kitchen become the house, the presence of laundry room is the kidney a house if likened. The both are very important with essential functional to support all activities at home without worrying all will scatter.

in addition to cooking, the kingdom of the house such as washing clothes and giving all other space is very necessary to make the whole house clean and tidy.

Switch to the laundry room, simple enough to make it fresh with a comfortable feeling when washing. Curious as to what kind of small laundry room you can rearrange more fresh and interesting. So check out the following review!

Use a stacking basket


Have a small room in the laundry room area is very helpful activities quickly completed. You can try to add a functional stacking rack as a place for detergent powder or brush your clothes and toiletries.

High functionality with triangle motif wall


Be utility for homework, the laundry room becomes an important part that should be considered. Such as the placement of laundry detergent and other, make sure this laundry room you can design comfortably. Use a gray triangle yellow motif wall that looks cheerful and refreshing.

Laundry basket


Also pay attention to the small side such as laundry basket for dirty clothes place. Make sure to place it in an area easy to reach. So that beautiful add with a clothes hanger that can practically be moved anywhere.

Separate between wet laundry rooms


With different concepts, there are some people like the activity of washing without using a washing machine. To be functional and leave no place, make an area for wet washing so as not to damage the dry cleaning part of the house.

In the house it is not a problem


Leave a little void area inside the house besides suitable for healing space also makes you more comfortable doing laundry activities without worrying about the rain arrives. Arrange shelves and also shell clothes to me more practically neatly arranged. 

Already have the right laundry room for your home? Use some fittings to make your activities more fun.

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