Large Plant Pots for Indoor Ideas -- Are you getting saturated with the look of home decor just like that? One solution you can add some ornamental plants in the room that will make the corner of the house there become more beautiful. In addition to providing a refreshing atmosphere, placing houseplants in the house also has a positive impact on health. Some types of houseplants are useful as air filters. Well what are the recommendation of indoor plants that are suitable to be placed in your home? Let's check out the review below.

The living room feels cool with calathea lutea

 by : @drg_diahnovi

The fresh impression of tropical nature is felt when you use indoor plants type calathea lutea as an interior plant. Having a wide, tall and dense leaf shape becomes the advantage of this type of plant. Calathea lutea needs enough sunlight sunlight to keep its leaves bright green. So you can put it by the window.

The lounge feels comfortable with silver sanseviera plants

 by : @ika_herawati20

Your relaxing atmosphere is refreshing  with the presence of plants. In the picture above, you can see plants in the corner, namely sansevieria and cactus. Silver sanseviera  plants has a pointed and upright leaf shape. This plant can grow about two meters. Sanseviera with silver color is very populer with plant lovers. You can put your favorite plants on rattan pots or unique terracotta pots. Sansevieria has the privilege of other ornamental plants, which can absorb toxic materials suca as carbon dioxide and etc.

Charming living room with monstera plants

by : @isthysyafiq

Monstera plant is a plants that is popular among the community. This plant is also known for its unique leaf holes. In the living design above using the dominance of white color on the interior design. To give a living impression you can add monstera plants that become a trend. The type of monstera above is included in the type of monstera adansoni.

Fun Kitchen design with large plants

by : @mufidhome21

The kitchen design above applies the design of kitchen island model. It has a look with a celan white color theme that gives the impression of a roomy look. Well you can put plants that will give a more beautiful and natural impression on your kitchen. The presence of plants also makes your cooking atmosphere feel more enjoyable. You can place plants on pots on the same color to look aligned.

Fun Kitchen design with large plants of ficus elastica 

by :

Adding indoor plants in a minimalist house can give the impression of cool and cozy. The design of the living room above carries the theme of the house with earth tone nuances. The use of earth tone colors in the interior of the house gives a comfortable impression for the occupants of the house. To give a soothing impression you can place a large plant with a pot that has clay material that gives a refreshing impression. The above type of indoor plants put ficus elastica plants on trend in 2021.
Those are some large  indoor plants that can be a reference and useful for you.

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