How To Create The Ultimate Laundry -- Laundry room is a room in our house that is used for washing and drying clothes. Creating a good dry cleaning room doses not have to be with a large space. If you have limited space at home you can still use it to make an ideal laundry room while having a good appearance. Well this time time we will discuss how to create the ultimate laundry that you can apply at home. Let's check out the review below. 

Laundry room design using transparent roof

Laundry room by : @arissacorazonzainal

Natural lighting is the laundry room is urgently needed. This is Highly recommended because to keep your laundry room dry and avoid damp so that it remains comfortable. You can apply the canopy roof with transparent polycarbonate material.

Laundry room design using transparent roof

Laundry room by : @eykadsw_stories

The use of exposed brick walls in your laundry room gives a unique impression and gives an attractive look. The natural effect is seen in the design of the laundry room above. You can install patch shelves that you can use to place other washing equipment. To make the atmosphere of your laundry room feel cool add some plants in the corner of the room. 

Design of laundry room with beautiful plants

Laundry room by : @rumah_melody

The design of the next laundry room has a beautiful appearance with the placement of beautiful plants. The use of natural stone materials on the walls makes the appearance of the laundry room has a natural and aesthetic impression. You can place synthetic green glass as the focal point of the room.

Design of laundry room with beautiful plants

Laundry room by : @rumahazkaa

Do you have any land left beside the house? If so, you can use the area to become a laundry room design room above using a floor with wood materials that give a warm feel to the room. The use of different colors between the sides of the wall from one side to the other give an airy visual impression.

Laundry room design with minimalist style

Laundry room by : @eri_hers

Having limited space is not your reason for creating to make your laundry room look attractive. The concept of laundry room combined with the kitchen above can be application at home if you have a house with minimalist size. The use of roster material on the wall makes the air circulation can enter well and also makes the appearance look elegant.

Laundry room design with minimalist style

Laundry room by : @eri_hers

Last but not least you can apply bright colors to give the room an airy impression. In addition, the use of bright colors can also reflect a light that gives  a clean impression on the room. As a decoration you can install wallpaper in the washing machine as in the design above. 

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