Here's How to Style A Bed Like A Pro -- The bedroom is a place to relax and rest should certainly be made as comfortable as possible.  Therefore, a comfortable bedroom design is needed to support your sleep to be relaxed. If you are looking for bedroom inspiration this time we will inspire the most comfortable bedroom design like a pro. Let's check out the following reviews.

Minimalist luxury bedrooms

Design by : @anggarahman

The first design has a minimalist design appearance but looks elegant. Although it has a minimalist size but you can still design to look charming. The use of large windows also gives the impression of airy in the room. You can use a bed with wooden materials to give a warm impression while having a high aesthetic impression.

Bedroom design without bed

Design by : @gryapethak

Do you have limited bedroom space? The design of a bedroom without a bed can be a solution for those of you who have a limited spae. You can combine with vinyl flooring that gives a warm impression on the room. To make the room look spacious you can use white on the wall. Place the greenery to bring out the cool atmosphere in the room.

Modern bedroom design with cheerful shades of yellow

Design by : @koneng_ku

The next design has a bathroom design concept using a bright yellow color. Just like white, the yellow bedroom paint color is also able to reflect sunlight and will make your room look spacious. You can combine yellow with white as a counterweight that gives an elegant impression.

Bedroom design like a five-star hotel

Design by : @ohhsohomey

If you prefer the concept of minimalism, modern minimalist bedroom design above is suitable for you to apply at home. The minimalist bedroom is so interested because of its simple design but has a high aesthetic. The use of LED lights in the design above gives the impression of elegant as well as luxurious like a five-star hotel.

Minimalist bedroom design with elegant white color

Design by : @ohhsohomey

The latter design has an elegant appearance with a dominance of neutral colors typical of scandinavian. The use of white color gives a spacious impression on the room. The bed design does not use a headboard that makes it look spacious. Well to beautify the look add wall hangings macrame on the bed as in the design above.

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