Clever Ideas Interior Design For Small House -- Do you have a house with a minimalist size? Don't worry even if you have a house with limited space but with some tips you will have a tiny house with an attractive look and also comfortable.

There are various interior design designs of small houses with modern or contemporary minimalist style can be your choice. Well this time will provide some interior design inspiration for a small house that you can emulate at home. Let's check out the review below.

Living room design with mirrors

The first interior design we discussed was the living room. In the design of the picture above seen the placement of mirrors in the living room are tips to make the room look have a wide reflection. To beautify the appearance you can install wall hangings as in the design above.

Interior design of rooms with large windows

The use of large windows on the design of the bedroom that is not too large provides a lot of benefits. Among them in the circulation of air will enter well, saving electricity because of the natural lighting of the sun during the day. Tips to make the room look spacious next is to use white color on the wall paint. The use of white gives a broad impression on your room.

Integrated kitchen and dining room design

The use of open plan concept is one of the tips to get around for those of you who have a minimalist home. In the design above combine kitchen and dining room into one to save space space. Both rooms also have interconnected functions. You can use a transparent roof to keep the light in during the day and your room is not stuffy.

Interior design of living room with comfortable carpets

The next interior design is a family room that has a cozy appearance in the design above. The use of fluffy carpets makes the atmosphere of gathering with your family feel pleasant and comfortable. You can use a TV table with a cabinet underneath that you can use to store other equipment.

Terrace design with long chairs

Would you like to sit back and relax in the afternoon on the terrace accompanied by a cup of coffee? The design above can be used as a reference that you can apply at home. You can place long chairs with wooden materials that give your home a natural feel. It has a space that is not too spacious but has a charming terrace appearance with the presence of beautiful ornamental plants.

So that's some minimalist home interior design that you can apply at home. How's it going? It's not that hard, is it? From the design above, which one is your favorite? Hopefully the article above can be useful for you.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans and you will be easier in making a dream home.

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Author : Hafsah

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