Beautiful String Succulent to Hang Indoors


Beautiful string succulent to hang indoors -- Hanging succulent plants are beautiful and aesthetic to fill a small corner of your home. Not only suitable to be placed outdoor, succulent plants will be sweet if the are indoors. 

You can choose hanging succulents to add more beautiful room, here is a list of fresh and popular hanging succulent plants for indoor space.

Dischilda nummularia or string nickles

Plant by : plantedportofolio

This hanging succulent has the name dischilda nummularia. Has a round leaf shape like a magnifying glass with an olive green color. Don't worry about choosing this plant as a room decoration, the easy maintenance of this plant can grow quickly lushly.

Senecio Rowleyanus or string of pearl

Plant by : neustri.pisito.ideal

Senecio plant or commonly called string of pearl has an elongated shape and hangs down. The plant are like pearl-like with small black spheres. This type of succulent is quite easy in its treatment. You need to pay attention to the soil moisture is more sufficient and maximum lighting. Keep in mind this plant is not tribally exposed to the sun directly.

Zygocactus (Schlumbergera truncata)

Plant by : montorillo1892

One of the plants that area immune in all weathers especially in tropical countries this plants is zygocactus. Although it is quite slow in this plant. Once will flower this plant to be beautiful with a beautiful fresh dump suitable for the interior of your home.

Dischilda geri or apple leaf

Plant by : nisya.yusni

This plant is famous by the name of apple leaf because it has leaves that are thoroughly green and like apple. You can avoid this plant from sun exposure for long resistance. You can put it in the area near the window or door with minimum light intensity.

Sedum morganianum

Plant by : cris_platinhas_succulentas

This cactus plant has a round grape-like shape with its youthful care. Indeed most people call this plant with grape cacti. Although it does not have flower, this plant is suitable to decorate a small corner in your house, the pale green color is very interesting that gives a variety of hanging plants at home.

That's some type of hanging succulent plants that you can buy to add to the collection succulents. Besides being able to provide a calmer mood, this plant is able to beautify your space to the maximum.

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