7 Simple Clothes Rack That All Girls Need


Simple clothes rack that all girls need

Homiful.com -- Looking for the latest inspiration for the use of wardrobes that change the look of space. No need to worry we have a bunch of simple clothes racks that girls need right now.

Because clothes are always increasing every month the use of cabinets have a variety of models with the right design can be selected to adjust the size of the space. Here's the design of the review.

Multilevel open clothes rack

Design by : irfunholic 

No wonder if women have a lot of clothes with maximum storage needs as well. You don't have to be confused. This clothes rack model you can try. With a simple from has three levels that are combined into one. The bottom area you cam use for storage of dirty clothes or your makeup.

Two-sided clothing rack

Design by : irfunholic 

For this clothes rack model is quite different, has a closet-like shape in general with an open concept. Minimalism with hanger that can fit your clothes.

Rustic shelves of logs

Design by : hesti.novitadewi

Different models, simple and very attractive. Clothes racks like this are perfect for you who area minimalist style. Make use of wood as a functional shelf with clothes, shoes and bags.

Open hanging clothes rack

Design by : irfunholic 

Shelf design and function for this clothes hanger is quite simple. Has a minimalist shape with white finishing. Has two tighter shelves that can be used for shoes and dirty clothes. You can place it in a room that gives a beautiful impression if the interior is similar and neat.

Rack many clothes hangers

Design by : irfunholic 

If you like fashion of course model clothes like anything you have. Storage space also you need to pay attention. We can recommend with clothes rack like this. The design is simple with hanging are quite a lot can fit your clothes more neatly. Equipped also with a tighter wooden arrangement at the bottom is very functional for your makeup and skincare.

Shear clothing rack

Design by : ekyshomeliving

Laundry room becomes one of the areas that area sometimes full of clothes and dirty clothes. In order separate clean clothes that have been washed you need a shelf to hang it. Choose a shelf with a minimalist design and also portable. Has a roll at the bottom that is fairly easy to move any area.

Small size clothing rack

Design by : irfunholic 

Instead of as an additional decoration or as a storage of clothes that area often used. You can try to buy shelves like this. Small size and fit quite a lot of clothes. The design is selected finishing pastel to be suitable if used by girls.

Well Interested in trying one wardrobe shelf above? Make sure the design of the cabinets you choose is suitable and fit goods, to be efficient and functional.

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