7 Plants You Should Grow in Your Bathroom

Homiful.com -- Although it sound strange, the bathroom becomes a good environment to keep a houseplant. Higher humidity level, help many plants to live well on there. The plant not only refreshes the air, but also keep your mood fresh and cool while in the bathroom. So, what's kind of plants that suitable for bathroom? Find out more below: 

Majesty Palm 


Majesty palm plant has a beautiful look with greenery pinnate leaves. This plants can grow well in some indoor place. This plant also suitable for any kind humidity. And  it's quite easy to maintain. 

Calathe Luthea


Calathea Luthea has an elongated and shady leaf shapes. This plant always bring a tropical vibe into your bathroom. And, don't worry, this kind of plants is able to live in the shady place and indirect sun though.  

Rubber plants


Rubber plants are quick growers plants. The rubber plants also have natural defense system to fight airborne bacteria. Those contaminants can live in some dirty place, no exception in the bathroom. The rubber plants will eliminate those contaminants and make the bathroom feel fresher and healthy. 

Golden Pothos


If you don't have much time to take care if houseplants, try to putting a golden photos in your bathroom. This plant grow well without the need for special care It have the ability to grow in various condition, both warm and humid. However, the leaves can turn dark when less exposed to sunlight. Therefore, you have have to store it near the bathroom window or occasionally in the sun outdoors. 

Dieffennbachia Houseplant


Dieffenbachia is known well for its eye catching leaves. This plants will not do well in direct sun, cause their color will fade if it being expose in intensely bright light. So, it's best choice to place them on indirect spot on your bathroom. They will grow well in a low light situation.  



Monstera is being famous for its iconic leaf, which is able to make your bathroom look more fresher and attractive. This plant can live in a low light room but grow better in a place with better natural light. 

Snake Plants


Snake plants become one of the popular houseplants. This kind of plants have proven to be able to filter some toxins and purify the air in the bathroom. Snake plants is also good option to put in the bathroom as it can thrive in all humidity level. 

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