7 Design of Modern Garden In The Home

Homiful.com -- No matter how small it is, try to always bring the garden to your house. The garden will make your house fresh, and away from the arid atmosphere. In your garden, you can relax or make it as your personal healing space. Fresh atmosphere in the garden, will always bring some peace of mind to your soul. And it's not hard to bring a modern garden to your home. You just need a little space and make it lively by placing several plants. For your inspirations, check out the reviews on 7 Design of Modern Garden In The Home, below:

Minimalist Indoor Garden 


Minimalist garden is now the most in demand garden design. It is not difficult to realize the indoor garden, you just need to provide an empty space and decorate it with various plants. To keep the garden have a fresh vibe, make sure you choose a type of transparent roof that still delivers light and fresh air to the minimalist garden. 

Tiny yet Fresh Modern Garden 


Got a little but of land left? Turn it into a fresh and unique modern garden. You just need to spread coral stones onto the surface of the floor, to give it a natural feel into your garden. Choose a pot from the earthenware medium that has a terracotta color a la rustic style. 

Vertical Garden for Your Healing Space


Limited space, make the indoor garden as one of the options to design a modern garden. You can create an indoor garden with vertical garden style, where you only need to plants vines that grow fill the garden walls. Place a minimalist sitting to enjoy the freshness in this garden. 

Modern Garden with Artificial Grass Mat

Bringing organic grass into the home is quite difficult. However, you can get around this by choosing a synthetic grass carpet for your modern mini garden mat. To make relaxing even more enjoyable, put some garden chairs and your favorite book basket there. 

Garden with Various Houseplants


The garden is arguably an area to display and show off your favorite plants. Therefore, the design of the garden with various plants will automatically bring fresh vibe to the space. You can combine it by putting a strectch of white coral stones on the surface of the garden floor. 

Modern Garden with Children's Playground


Having kids, there are times when we have to provide a special playroom for them. One of the way is by creating a green garden as well as a children's playground. You can take care of your  houseplants while watching the kids play on their playground. 

Modern Garden with Ethnic Touch


Your garden will look more aesthetic, when you dare to bring an ethnic touch there. For example, presenting a typical window on Javanese house that has a distinctive and unique carving. 

So, thats all for 7 Design of Modern Garden In The Home. Tell us what modern garden design that you love!

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Hopefully those 7 Design of Modern Garden In The Home  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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