7 Cozy Living Room With Bold Design Choices

7 Cozy Living Room With Bold Design Choices

Homiful.com -- Two options for the living room are comfortable and pretty. This has always been an important part of the living room at home. Want to lay down every time we see an exotic living room makes us feel at home.

Various themes you can choose with pleasure and comfort in. Bold interiors such as neutral, striking, light and dark can be sacrificed for a more beautiful living room below.

Comfortable living room choice with attractive design

1. Pop-art in summer


Attractive touch of this part of the living room wall makes the dominant focal point. The bright colored triangular shape is confused with a slick look. The sun seemed to shine from the use of mirror accents that were in the middle of the room.

2. Bold with the red color display


The striking impression of the direction of sofas, coffee tables and carpets in this small living room makes the atmosphere increasingly luxurious and stylish. The window that gives the illusion of more space manages to device the eye that looks.

3. Quite for the atmosphere of the house with blue color


The choice is far different from the color red you can switch to venture throwing blue into the living room. One sofa with the same carpet makes this space fresher. So is the soft blue interior that is calmer and more cozy.

4. Combined ethnic and warm color


The combination of neutral color mixed with ethnic styles can be felt in this guest room. Choose a sofa with a size of gray color is quite compatible in the wall. The right combination to break down the atmosphere with cushions of luxurious and classy ethnic motifs.

Baby pink, who's afraid?


Baby pink interior is chose not only for sofa decoration only. Another thing with a luxury gold theme clock similar between the living room tables. All baby pink to make this room more comfortable and soften.

6. Green chocolate trapped in a minimalist space


Various minimalist colors for a small living room at home you can try this design. Put the dark green color with brown on the sofa makes the whole space more beautiful and attractive.

7. Industrial with iron chair


The two iron chairs by the window give an industrial and contemporary-style impression of a glimpse between the walls of the space. Abstract paintings provide a decorative touch on the side of the room wrapped around more attractive space.

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