7 Best Bar Stools to Elevate Your Kitchen


Homiful.com -- Having a comfortable place to stay is everyone's dream. Especially if you have a house with modern feel. Well this modern accent you can present through putting the stools bar. 

Stools bar are often used in restaurant and cafes. However it turns out that the design of stools bar can be one of the solutions for those of you who have a small kitchen.

With the right stool bar you can present a comfortable kitchen a s well as modern. Let's check out the inspiration bar stools below.

Stools Bar Design with natural wood material

Kitchen by : @vhilanihouse

The first bar stools has an elegant look with the use of wood materials. The natural color displayed form wood material gives a warm impression on your kitchen. Focal point in the kitchen above is the use of hexagonal motifs on the backsplash and also on the floor that looks very unique and interesting.

Stools Bar with minimalist style

Kitchen by : @zada_firstalia

The small size of the bar stools and its unique appearance can reduce the narrow impression on your home. Although minimalist in shape, the bar stools on the above design still feels soft and comfortable even without using the backrest.

Outdoor kitchen design with bar stools

Kitchen by : @citraki

The next kitchen design has a cool view because of the location of the kitchen that is directly facing the garden next to the house. 
One of the models of the kitchens applied to modern homes is the island kitchen. You can add bar stools to kitchen island area.

Minimalist kitchen design with elegant bar stools

Kitchen by : @fauzanteti

If you have limited space in the kitchen you can make the above kitchen design as a reference. The design of the kitchen is letter L with a mini bar that you can use at once as a dining table.
You can put stools bar with elegant black iron material combined with comfortable brown foam.

Minimalist kitchen design with elegant bar stools

Kitchen by : @kitchen.iddea

The use of white color on the interior of the room gives the impression of elegant and also luxurious. The white color in the kitchen also makes the kitchen look clean and airy.
Kitchen island model makes you freely move while cooking.
You can use the stools bar without the backrest that you can place on your kitchen island. Usually many people choose this design because of its minimalist and practical shape.

Bar Stool on kitchen with elegant lighting

Kitchen by : @rumahjovinca

Lighting in the kitchen makes your kitchen look more luxurious and beautiful look at. The use of yellow LED lights gives a warm impression on the room. 
elegant lights combined with a minimalist mini bar that look elegant. You can put the stools bar with black matching    color to look in harmony with the kitchen concept

Bar Stool on kitchen with elegant lighting

Kitchen by : @rumahnayyara20

The selection of rattan based bar stools gives your kitchen a unique look. With rattan material makes you sit comfortable even without cushion.
The combination of mini bars that apply wood material is very suitable with rattan material bar stools.

Those are some of the designs of bees bar stools to elevate your kitchen that you can apply at home. Hopefully the article above can be a reference and useful for you.

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Author : Hafsah
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