6 Small Living Room Ideas-How to Decorate a Compact Sitting Room

6 Small Living Room Ideas-How to Decorate a Compact Sitting Room

Homiful.com -- Make the living room more compact if the size is small enough easy to do. One of them chooses a pastel interior that feels calmer and warmer. Make sure also some furniture does not hinder your space to appear relieved and more efficient. 

By placing several chairs along with table and a little decoration only, sure your small living room is more compact and beautiful.

Curious about the design of a small living room that can change the atmosphere more charming. Here's a collection of ideas and decorations.

Red as the decoration of the center point


The first small living room idea you can do is to use a bold red interior like this. Just put it on one carpet and also cloth wrap for the sofa cover. This minimalist white interior is more natural than refreshing ornamental plants. 

Soft cream color touch


Pastel color approaching bright like this cream become one of the favorite paints that are often used. With a reason to make the space more powerful and feel spacious. Furniture used can you one sofa as well as coffee table level like this.

Long size for a wide impression


You can choose the size of the living room at home that extends for a slightly wider eye illusion. Minimalist style can also be obtained with a neutral interior and a touch on monochrome in some part only.

Bohemian style


If you have a small living room size, the use of furniture you can choose more detail. Choose rattan chairs that are simpler and rustic. The fabric behind the chair is chosen ethnic motifs for more aesthetic decoration.

Elegant with blue color


Blue and white colors are the perfect combination for your small living room. Arm chairs with blue pads is chosen only few pieces for the needs of guest who come. Spacious impression can be obtained from the minimalist white interior white color.

Exposed bricks into unique decorations


The beautiful and simple atmosphere of this small living room present a charming view with pastel colors on the sofa. Expose bricks are chosen without finishing to make the living room style more trendy. 

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