6 Small (but Mighty) Kitchen Set Design Ideas

6 Small (but mighty) kitchen set design ideas

Homiful.com -- Large size can't always be said with the concepts of relief, functional and beautiful. As is the case with the following kitchenettes. Despite its small size, the kitchen design that will be discussed provides more functionality in every corner of the room with a style that is no less trending and attractive.

Smart ideas with calm colors


Pink cabinets mixed with patterned backsplash wall make this small kitchen very charming. Aesthetic style is also added through interior lights that impress industrial. To fit enough furniture without a kitchen cabinet at the top, you can try switching it with a sticky shelf for other cooking utensils. 

Hidden semi outdoor concept


Utilizing the back of the house with a small space, this size of 2 x 3 meters can accommodate two rooms at once. The burial chamber and kitchen were chosen in the spacious part of the house. Choosing without a complete cabinet, this kitchen remains functional by utilizing an outboard shelf along with the bottom of the open kitchen.

Small kitchen with multiplex material


Kitchen use essential to support the need of the house, With the presence or without kitchen cabinets kitchen becomes very functional to store furniture and cooking utensils. Use safe and environmentally friendly materials such as multiplex materials with a natural feel. Make use of the rest of the walls by adding shelves along with beautiful decorations around it.

Industrial concepts with kitchen island


Adding a kitchen with maximum functional is very pleasant, the interior is all gray and whit that can give a warm impression combined hanging lamp for industrial impression and more elegant. Therefore air circulation also needs you to pay attention to the fresher open space.

Calm and comfortable blue color


Pay attention to the size of your kitchen If you have a small size you can certainly choose  bright or neutral interior. This blue color was chosen to give the impression of calm and soft. Not worried about the storage room cabinet. You can insert a small open cabinet for frequently used equipment.

Kitchenette with semi open canopy roof


Don't forget the light that goes into the room. You can use a glass canopy or polycarbonate to provide fresher lighting. Make sure your kitchen set design has enough wiggle room. That way you can cook more comfortably without cramming.
That's a small kitchen design idea that you can try to apply at home. Make sure your kitchen is maximum enough to store a kitchen set with a cabinet inside.
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