6 Reason Every Home Need A Green Wall Inside

Homiful.com -- The trend of vertical gardens in the house is growing among the community. Beauty and having a refreshing atmosphere is the main reason that supports green wall or vertical garden.

There are various green wall or vertical garden designs that you can apply at home. From various models of vertical gardens, here we have summarized some reasons every home need a green wall inside. Let's check out the following review.

The atmosphere of the kitchen feels refreshing with vertical garden

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Each house is recommended to have a green area so that the air circulation in the house can run properly. The design of the kitchen adjacent to the side garden of the house has many advantages including, the cooking atmosphere becomes more pleasant and also the kitchen smoke can also be neutralized.

Living wall improves your air quality and health

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Many researches have shown that greenery can increase air quality and as an absorbent pollutant. So with a living wall that is in your home will make a big difference to the quality of your health.
Only by looking at plants is able to provide freshness and clarity in the mind.

Green wall creates an interesting view

By : @hom_e2015

Vertical garden gives the impression of beauty in your minimalist garden. Its unique design can be beautify your residence.
Vertical garden design above combined with minimalist fish pond. You can place a chair with some cushions for your place to relax after a day of activities outside the house.

Vertical garden design integrated with laundry room

By : @aqillahome

If you have land with limited space. Vertical garden design that integrates with your usual laundry room as a reference.
If usually the back area is used as a place to relax you turn it into a laundry room. While waiting for the clothes to be washed you can enjoy a cup of tea with cool atmosphere.

Green wall has easy maintenance

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For those of you don't have much time to do complex plant treatments, vertical garden can be the solution. Plants on the walls can be allowed to grow. You can choose a plants that is not too complicated for its treatment.

By : @kakak_berkebun

If you have limited land space, but want to have a green area you can take advantage of the vertical garden in your home.
Making vertical garden can take advantage of your land. Vertical garden can also help cool the air as summer comes.

That's some reasons every home need a green wall inside. So, there's no harm in you creating a vertical garden at home, right? Good luck.

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