6 Open-plan Living Room Idea for Multi-functional Family Space

6 Open-plan living room idea for multi-functional family space

Homiful.com -- Looking for an open plan living room decorating idea that functionally exceeds other space?

Having a spacious, detached living room can make the atmosphere of the room more fresh and more enjoyable activities. A smart choice if creating a functional open plank concept living room. You don't have to worry about the decoration to be used, the interior can be more compact and neatly arranged. 

Look more for more convenient space zones to be efficient. The following is shared for your the concept of a comfortable and functional open plan living room.

 Seamless living room and join dining room


Seamless flow for the open plan living room here choose a large soda size and shape L. Wooden table is ensured to make the natural atmosphere more felt, as well as a minimalist interior with aesthetic in the middle of the room.

Small functional open plan


Attractive style is presented for the living room at home. Elongated shape with minimalist white interior mixed with yellow this gives a more attractive style and shine bright. Make sure a little decoration makes functional from the living room you can store a variety of electronics.

Luxurious and dynamic with open plan concept


Luxurious impression with dynamic interior style with art-deco concept chosen for this living room. Luxurious lighting in each room makes the living room brighter. Use luxurious and classy furniture to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Open plan with high wall makes it spacious


Natural impression you can make the main staple in the living room. Besides feeling, fresh, you can give the original plant decoration and more refreshing. Use a sofa with a cabinet to be functional. And make sure not to confine the living room to make it more spacious and smooth.

Long with purple interior


Be more attractive, you can try the purple color for the following living room decorations. Choose a wallpaper with square motifs for a dimensional impression. Make your living room as the most comforting place, you can use stool as an additional place to sit guests.

Minimalist white with charming blue


Just one sofa for the open plan living room you can try. Combine it with other decorations such as carpets and cushions to make it more aesthetic. The view of the living room with plants can provide fresh relaxation and become a healing space.

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