6 Minimalist Bedroom that are Pretty and Practical

6 Minimalist bedroom that are pretty and practical

Homiful.com -- Rooms become the basis of a place to unwind all day. Not infrequently if a small size bedroom always looks compact and more minimalist than the interior and furniture arrangement only.
You can try the layout by minimizing the use of furniture to make it simpler and not stuffy.
The following will be be shared for you about a beautiful small bedroom with a practical and more concise arrangement.

 Frameless bedroom


If you have a small size bedroom, the thing you need to pay attention to is the neglect of the bed frame for a spacious impression. With minimalist interior you can add a touch of active decoration with the illusion of mirrors.

Cabinet for maximum storage


There need to the furniture for the storage of personal items in the small bedroom. One of them tried a practical cabinet with a mini size. Add  complete with the illusion of space thanks to a mirror that looks wider.

Bohemian attractive style


Bohemian style touch in the bedroom you can try. The design is simple and full color using ethnic fabrics that are more aesthetic. Make sure the bedroom window can be more spacious to filter the air and rays into the room to the maximum.

Cheerful yellow suitable for restroom


Looks practical and efficient, the following small bedrooms choose cheerful yellow interior. This single bed you can try to use with a functional cabinet at the bottom. Complete with decoration, this small bedroom can stull be the first place to unwind.

Purple is not a problem


Some people are concerned about the purple interior for some spaces. However the bedroom this time used it for a cute impression like a sweet bubble. Make this room with comfortable space, make sure the decor is more compact and more sparkling.

Wow, blue is beautiful if with white


With a warm and more passionate impression, this small bedroom is very functional. The existence of a learning table that has a function as a nightstand at once, combined with a cabinet that is like sticking to the dining. Some vertical and horizontal accents also affect the dimension of the room more stylishly.

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