6+ Living Room That are Simply Gorgeous

6+ Living room that are simply gorgeous

Homiful.com -- There are some people choose the living room area as the firs decoration in the house. Its usefulness is vital for the needs of hosting, chatting an enjoying relaxing at the concentrated end. Therefore you need the right design and flexible styling so that the living room at home is more beautiful impressive.

There are 7 beautiful living room ideas below that can make you amazed by the arrangement, interior to the selection of furniture.

Vintage living room


Wood element used for seat stand along with this table make the impression of vintage more pronounced. Especially with the matching gray wall color and warmer impression.

Rustic beauty is not playing


Th introduction of the living room is a reflection of the homeowner. With a minimalist rustic style design, this living room is charming with easy brown wall decorations. The combining of white seat cushions with parquet floors make this living room more comfortable and more attractive.

Shabby flower sofa


Selection of interior or furniture for the living room needs to be considered. The problem is quite simple and often occurs. The use of this luxurious sofa is very fitting with the size of the room chosen a cute pink color. Not much decorations, just put a cushions in the form of shells or matching flowers.

Dark color for minimalist living room


Sofa size also greatly affects the atmosphere of your living room. Generally minimalist houses are quite combined with neutral colors. Then you can choose dark brown color with minimalist luxury style that is modern like this.

Aquascape as a display


Living room decorations is not only placed or attached to the wall area. Just change it with e different atmosphere, choose aquscape for unique and more impressive decorations.

Don't ignore exposure


Selection of public living room is place at the front of first area after entering the house. With the atmosphere open the windows are relived to make the living room more comfortable and get a maximum air intake. Combine with a soft interior of neutral brown color to match between the walls of the room.

Exposed brick become a decorations option


Industrial style with a minimalist impression you can try to apply at home. Using exposed brick material matching the beautiful decorations of the plate that has a painting in the middle. One sofa alone is enough to full the living room, by adding stool or recliner in front or the right side of the left.

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