6 Hacks to Save Time In The Kitchen

Homiful.com --  Saving time is a challenge for housewives. Especially for those of you mother who already have children, make sure you are smart to divide the time when you cook while looking after your beloved child.

Well this time we will discuss tips and tricks six hacks to save time in the kitchen so you do not bother anymore. Let's see more below.

1. Crate a food menu list to save time

Kitchen by : @rumahnayyara20

Tips to save time first you can apply the pattern of creating a list of food menus. You can make a minimum dining menu list for the next week.
So you don't have to think what food you should serve at the table.

2. You can make use of high-tech kitchen tools

Kitchen by : @rumah_cunique

The rise of technology really helps us to save time and also make work easier. You can use advanced kitchen appliances such as microwave, rice cooker, blender and many others. That way your cooking process will take place faster.

3. Other time saving tips are if after shopping get used to washing, cut and repeat

Kitchen by : @myla.place

If after shopping, you can start the habit immediately wash and cut groceries then you can store them in the refrigerator. This can save time because it is only done once. 
For example, after buying meat you can wash it, cut it, then store it in the fridge. This will mak the meat last longer.

4. You can take the time for food preparation

Kitchen by : @kitchen.iddea

By taking the time to prepare before cooking, it has been proven to save the process when your cook. You can prepare utensils and ingredients on the table to facilitate your cooking process.
The kitchen model that uses kitchen island makes it essay for you to move around when you are in the kitchen.

4. You can take the time for food preparation

Kitchen by : @hauzz_of_dyla

The next time-saving tip is to get uses to cleaning the kitchen after cooking. Keeping the kitchen clean will make your kitchen feel more comfortable.

Likewise, when you're after eating, you can immediately wash the cutlery afterwards to keep your kitchen healthy.

6. Use a kitchen interior that is easy to clean

Kitchen by : @skylittlehouse

The last tip you can try is to have subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash. The use of ceramic subway tiles makes it easy to clean oil splashes and other stains when you cook. In addition, your kitchen will also look elegant.

Well that's some tips to save when in the kitchen that you can try n your home. Hopefully the above article can spend more time for your beloved family.

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