6 Frameless Bedroom Ideas are Easy to Try

6 Frameless bedroom ideas are easy to try

Homiful.com -- Important privacy at home you need to use with a feeling of comfort. One such space is a bedroom. This place you can be comfortable activities without interruption. Busy to watch, do college assignments to concerts while playing guitar.

Well these activities of course you do in a comfortable bed. To make it more comfortable and easy, you can choose a mattress under the floor without a frame. What the design looks like, let's take a quick look at the reviews.

Monochrome-themed bedroom

Small size and minimalist, this bedroom is very nice to be in any themed design. Chooses a monochrome theme with a frameless mattress. Abstract themed wall decor gives a harmonious and attractive  impression for a simple interior.

Bedroom is a little tropical

Natural touch of plants for the bedroom becomes one of the favorite parts that can be drone. Although not thorough, this frameless mattress uses like a monstera motif that looks similar to wall decoration. Just a little furniture to make the room more functional to store things.

Beautiful white and red 

Minimalist and spacious, the white wall interior is chosen to given an airy impression on the room. Well you can make the space more focal point without frameless  with red color is simpler but beautiful to look at.

Calm pastel

Pastel or neutral colors for small size bedrooms greatly influence the spacious impression on the room. Green turquoise with a frameless mattress makes more space in each corner of the room. Small but fit more. 

Small but functional complete with furniture

Having a small and cramped bedroom is not an obstacle to displaying beautiful decor inside. You can choose a complete interior such as cabinets, nightstands, mattress even without frames but very efficient. Make sure with enough sunlight to change the air circulation more maximally.

Choose a shabby frameless bedroom

A little shabby style that looks from the use of bed linen is chosen pink and gray as the right combination. Even without frameless guaranteed you will love it for life more that anything with a feeling of comfort and safety.

Interested in using a frameless mattress like the idea above?
Before ignoring the use of bed frames, make sure your room size is minimalist with the appropriate design to make the feeling more fun.

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