6 Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Space

Homiful.com -- Other than the bed, when we're talking about bedroom we need some thing to keep our things in order. Yes, we need some kind of bedroom storage to save our personal items. The storage will make the bedroom look neat.  But, we suggest you to choose some creative bedroom storage. The creative ones will make your bedroom look more stylish. So, here we rounded up 6 Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Space. The bedroom storage look unique but it will perfect in your tiny space. 

Variety Creative Storage


In a bedroom you can choose one or many storage, that suits your need.  For example, one open shelves, hanging rack, a cabinet up to dressing table.  You can place them in one side. It make bedroom look more neater.  The open shelves is quite perfect with dressing table, you can put your make up kit and your favorite shoes in there.

Clothes Stand Racks


When we're back from the outside, what we want to do is changing formal clothes into casual ones. In order to do that, we need some clothes stand racks to hang the clothes or place some fabrics in there. It's quite simple and practical. 

The Dressing Table as Make Up Kit Place


As girls, it's quite important to place the dressing table in the bedroom. Of course, we can make up and touch up ourselves before we go out from the bedroom. You can choose a simple and compact dressing table, that equipped with some space to keep the make up kits.  Make up in the bedroom will feel so easy and fun. 

Open Cabinet to Keep Many Things


In bedroom, we're not only need a closet to storage our apparel. When we need extra storage, we have an option to choose the open cabinets to keep many things in our bedroom. In order to make the bedroom neat, place some of our things in the box that placed in the open cabinet. This kind of storage beside being practical, it also make it easy for you to pick up the items you need. 

The Open Cabinet for Children Bedroom 


The empty walls on the children can be maximized as children storage. One of the best option is by choosing a cabinet that made by request and adjust the dimension of the space. On there, you can place the books and favorite children toys. 

Creative Bedroom Storage in Unique Styl


When you want a bedroom in monochrome look, be sure to pick this creative bedroom storage. It may be have simple design, but the cover have picture display as in chalkboard style that bring some aesthetic to the room.  

So, that's all for 6 Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Space. Most of design is simple and easy to buy on some stores or by online shopping. Be sure to choose a storage that have unique look to beautify your room. 

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