6 Best Ideas To Turn Garden Into Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Homiful.com -- The idea of making the best garden around always has a fresh feeling at all times. Especially if the area is used a different functional. Besides fun, the garden as an outdoor concept family room you can try.

For example, you can take advantage of the balcony of a two-story house with a variety of comfortable and pleasant decorations. No need to be confused with what the arrangement is like, the following idea you can try to change the concept of outdoor space at home.

1. Purple cloth for chairs as cover 

Design by : eve_dari_her_say_00

Balcony area that is generally a garden this time you can use as a small functional space. As a living room, relaxing area or family gathering. If the balcony area is small, choose the shape of the letter L chairs to maximize the place. Decorate also with beautiful colors purple and white to make it more charming.

2. Small colored garden with lounge

Design by : giryadesignrumah

The color contrast chosen is very divorced for cushioning and matching between the stands in this area. The roof of the net is used to provide a little protection from the hot sun. Cool your relaxing atmosphere with vines to enjoy a cup of orange squash.

3. Blending with nature

Design by : desymg85

This time make use of the balcony area as a space to relax. Minimalist exterior accompanied by fresh ornamental plants make the relaxing atmosphere more comfortable. Fresh air with coolness in summer you can enjoy in this area without the disruption of the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. A touch of hawaii in summer 

Design by : qais_home

Feels fresh and nice. It doesn't take much to feel the pleasant atmosphere of hawaii. Just design this outdoor garden area with a relaxing concept. Two rattan chairs enough to accompany your relaxing.

5. Fill fresh plants

Design by : rumah_2narumah_2na

Urban jungle concept was chosen for this outdoor. Utilizing the second floor balcony, this area is quite functional in addition to relaxing. Looking for inspirations around here is also a lot of fun. Provide chairs and tables and carpets to sit under.

6. Romantic and comfortable

Design by : rymayulia

For young couples this simple outdoor design is easy to try. Use the balcony outside the bedroom by adding a chair that appears to be made of pipe for the frame. And wood as a seat seems more traditional yet comfortable.

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Author : Lynda
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