6 Best Alocasia Black Velvet Rare House Plant


6 Best alocasia black velvel rare house plant

Alocasia plants become very favorites with different types. So is the shape of the leaves, the color and texture. This alocasia plant is still a family of araceae or tubers with different varieties. Is type of interbreeding plants and commonly called hybrid alocasia.

Well following will be shared for you about the type of alocasia plants with various types.

Alocasia Maharani


Maharani alocasia is a type of plant with thick velvet leaves and belongs to a rare type of plant. This plant has a rounded leaf shape as well as being on its inside. Make sure this plant is met with the need of light and humidity. Also keep away from pets because this plant is considered toxic.

Alocasia silver dragon


This type of plant actually has two types, dragon scale and dragon silver. But for this silver dragon plant generally has leaves with silver stripe motifs and leas strokes that look contrasting. The combination of colors makes this plant look fierce, firm and enchanting. If it has reached the lush phase and grows healthy, this plant will be beautiful and impressive.

Alocasia longiloba


With a large liver leaf shape, this plant is at first glance similar to the taro plant. But quite dominant in contras to the presence of leaf bones that teach bright colors make this plant more exotic. Interested in having it?

Alocasia cuprea


Has fibrous leaves that are almost similar to caladium this plant is often referred to as caladium skull. This plant has leaves with a unique color of a mixture ig light green and deep green that makes it glow when exposed to the sun's heat.

Alocasia Polly


With slightly fat and short stems, this plant is quite similar to alocasia amazonica. And Winding that is bony more on an tends to grow larger that alocasia amazonica.

Alocasia Reginae


Many people call this with caladium sintang which is one of the island in the country of Indonesia. This plant has thick and curved textures leaves.

Those are some types of alocasia plants that can be your target for decorating the house to look beautiful and exotic.

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