6 Bedroom Plants For A Healthier Night Is Rest


Homiful.com -- The bedroom is a place where you can rest and unwind for a day feeling outside the house to work. The way to make a cozy bed and be able to sleep peacefully is to create a beautiful atmosphere. You can manifest is by putting plant elements in the room.

Indoor plants have many benefits such as air filter, make the room more lively, and also help relieve stress. Well this time Homiful.com will provide some inspiring 6 bedroom plants for a healthier night. Let's take a look at the reviews below.

Bedroom design with plants near the window

Bedroom by : @alkemisyahbahtiar

If your have a bed near the widow you can try to put the plant in the corner as shown. Plants that are near the window are great for their growth because they are expose to sunlight. You can also combine with wall decors with rustic nuances for a warm impression on the room.

Minimalist bedroom design with elegant white shades

Bedroom by : @aprina_cahyani

Using white color on he interior of the bedroom is never disappointung. The use of white color is able to give a spacious impression on the room. And also white color can be combined with any color.
To liven up the atmosphere you can put indoor plants in the corner of the room with rattan pots to give a homey atmosphere to the room.

Bedroom design with lots of soothing plants

Bedroom by : @mkhome_id

It turn out that there are still many people who hesitate to put indoor plants in the bedroom. But it has many benefits that we can feel. You can place place in the corner of the room, hung bye window, and also utilizing shelves attached to the walls.
If you want to improve the quality of sleep you can change the atmosphere of the bedroom to a green atmosphere.

Bedroom design with lots of soothing plants

Bedroom by : @rumahimani

The next room design carries a comfortable scandinavian concept. The use of earth tone colors is able to provide tranquility for its residents. The combination of wood materials also creates warm atmosphere in the room.
Lastly you can put monstera plants to beautify and give a cool atmosphere.

Minimalist bedroom design with shades of blue with beautiful plants

Bedroom by : @erry.huisje

Many of us don't realize how important air quality is that affect sleep quality. To help clear the air at home we need to consider adding indoor plants.
Indoor plants are able to absorb harmful gases through the pores of their leaves while filtering and cleaning the air that is inhaled daily.

Cozy bedroom design pastel shades with soothing plants

Bedroom by : @rinalatif22

Last but but not least, the bedroom design carries a theme with the use of pastel colors that make the room fee comfortable. The combination of gray, white and soft pink looks in harmony.
To make the atmosphere of the room more lively you can add indoor plants on the right anda left of the bed.

Well that's some inspiring bedroom plants for healthier night that you can example. Hopefully the above article can be a reference and be useful for you.

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