5 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Homiful.com -- Children's bedrooms with minimalist style can make them happy and cheerful. Children's room design does not have to be luxurious to look beautiful. But how do you design it to be more maximal in function with the use of charming decorations.
Designing children's bedrooms that you need to pay attention to is to learn their characters, personalities and favorites.
Now if you are still confused about how to design a children's bedroom, this time we children inspire 5 kids bedroom decorating ideas. Let's check out the review below. 

Kid's bedroom design with cheerful yellow shades

Bedroom by : @dr.ita_faricha

With the use of large windows provide many benefits that you can feel including natural lighting during the day so you can save electricity. Air circulation also goes well in your child's room. The use of yellow color in the room provides a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Combine yellow with white as a counterweight.

Kid's bedroom design with minimalist style

Bedroom by : @dr.ita_faricha

The next design has the appearance of a children's bedroom with a modern minimalist style. The use of white never disappoints us. In addition to making the room look spacious white color can also reflect the light of the lamp. In order not to be monotonous you can combine it with a gray color that will look elegant. Your room will be more colorful with the presence of plants that at the same time provide a beautiful and cool atmosphere in the room.

Kids bedroom design with cute pink shades

Bedroom by : @house_of_malikha

The use of pink is identical to the feminine style of girls. The design above using pink color combined with blue on the wall, is a sweet blend, right? On the floor using vinyl flooring that gives a warm impression on the room. Agat looks even more charming you can put the painting on the headboard, which will make the room look beautiful. 

Kids bedroom design with cute pink shades

Bedroom by : @tita_ginting_munthe

The suitable color applied to the bedroom is blue because it is one of the coolest colors. The blue color provides an atmosphere of tranquility that can make the residents comfortable when resting. In order not to be too innocent you can use curtains with a charming motif.

Kids bedroom design with wide windows

Bedroom by : @kamartidurimpian

The design of the last children's room that we will discuss this time has an eye catching appearance with the use of large windows. You can use two-layer curtains for more privacy. In addition, you can also adjust the sunlight that enters the room. Having a bed less design gives the room a more spacious atmosphere.

Those are some of the kids bedroom designs that have been summarized by Homiful.com. Is there a design of your favorite in the design above? Kids bedroom design is designed in such a way as to provide pleasure, happiness, and comfort for them. Hopefully the above design is useful for those of you who

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