Easy Ways to Make Your House Looks Elegant With Pink Decoration


Homiful.com -- Pink gives a positive psychological effect that is love. Pink has a feminine element and softness. So applying pink to the interior of the house can give a pleasant feeling. 
If you are still confused in finding inspiration to design a house with pink interiors, we will give you some unique and beautiful ideas that will make your house look beautiful in pink. Let's take a look at the reviews below that might be your favorite?

Gorgeous dining room with pink accents

The use of pink in the dining room can still be used ideally by combining pink with white colors. As in the design above that applies white color on tables and dining chairs that look beautiful with pink flowers placed on it. You can also use pink on other furniture.

Exotic bedroom in pink

Pink color is most appropriately placed on the female bedroom. But you can combine the color of the pink with neutral colors such as white that will give the impression of luxury. To beautify the appearance you can get the wallpaper with vertical motifs to give a broad impression on your bedroom.

Pink bathroom ideas

the next room is the bathroom. blending pink with white is the safest option.  As in the design above that applies pink color on the wall combined with white ceramics to look in harmony with the color of the skies. To make the atmosphere of your bathroom look cool you can put plants in the corner of the room.

Blend wood material in the kitchen with a sweet pink color

Pink color includes colors that are very easy to apply to various interior styles, from classic, modern, retro and others. In the design above on the kitchen table has wood materials that provide a warm atmosphere and look natural. You can combine with the white color on the cabinet below. the presence of windows makes the air enter well in your kitchen.

Living room design with beautiful pink wallpaper

The last room that we will discuss has a beautiful appearance with the use of wallpaper with pink floral motifs. If you want to create a cooler and more modern feel, experiment with gray. Select a light gray with blush undertones. For a more comfortable atmosphere put some cushions that are soft on it.

How, of all the inspirations above, which pink house interior captivates you the most?

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Author  : Hafsah

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : @the_harley_home

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