7 Awesome Small Terrace Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- The terrace is the first place to be in the area of the house before entering the inside and is the most prominent part of tha facade to look at. Therefore, the terrace also needs careful arrangement in order to create an interesting and admiring impression. Although the terrace you have is quite small. Here we share a little review of the awesome and amazing little patio design.

Terrace by : rumah.aisyakirana

The terrace of this house looks refreshing because there are quite a lot of plants. This type of ivory betel plant looks lush and hangs on top to give a cool impression. To provide comfort you relaz in front of the terraces of the house, just put two chairs with plants on the table to add a more natural and aesthetic look. This amazing terrace design can be created in various ways ranging from plants to furniture as a complement to beautiful and attractive decorations.

Terrace by : srirustiani

For those of you who like a simple impression on the terraces of the house can be design like this. A set of tables and chairs that use iron and wooden seats with white finishing makes a simple and clean impression for the terrace area. In addition, the owner also added decorations from dwarf plants on the table to give a more pronounced natural impression. Shelves located on the wall of this terraces you can add displays to make it more beautiful and awesome.

Terrace by : wian_home

The design of the terrace of the house this time feels homey with a white exterior for the use of window sills that look open from the outside. Although the terrrace of the house is small, the owner placed one iron chair with a cloth wrapped in yellow to give the impression of brighter and more colorful. In addition, so that the corner of this small terrace doest not look empty, flower shelves can be a solution to make this area beautiful look homey.

Terrace by : rumah_murnie

If you want a more homey and refreshing home terrace atmosphere and ethnic touch, you can design a terrace like this. With a simple concept, the terrace of this house looks fresh because of the plants that are around. You can add two chairs to the coffee table that is compatible so that the terrace of the house is nice to look at and admire.

Terrace by :mommyrene

Different from the terrace of this house that feel traditionally seen from wooden charis and the use of tiles for the floor with a more lit red color. The combination of walls coated with ceramics is seen mathcing with other eksterior combination. If you like freshness, various type of plants can be placed to give a more natural atmosphere.

Terrace by : tw_dyah

The last terrace design you can emulate at home to give it a different atmosphere. The use of exposed brick walls with white finishing gives a similar look to other exteriors looking more stlylish. Chairs and table placed in this part og the terrace can also be functional to receive guest in addition to relaxing with family in the afternoon.

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