6 Living Room Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home's Look

Homiful.com -- To create a more refreshing living room and stay beautiful, of course there needs to be a decorations as well as the selection of the right interior. To make the living room comfortable and pleasant, some ways you can do it. For example, by changing the interior or laying ornamental plants to crate a fresher atmosphere.

Living room by : myla.place

Freshen atmosphere in this living room looks bright thanks to the air vents ebove the main door. In addition, this living room also looks relieved because the interior chosen in white looks cleaner. The decoration of ornamental plants  in the corner of this room also makes the fresh atmosphere more felt. Aesthetic appearance if dried plants in the area near main door is also added, to make the living room more beautiful and refreshing.

Living room by : rumah_melody

Changing the interior in the living room when it feels boring is necessary to do. In addition, to providing a different atmosphere and looking more refreshing, you can choose a yellow interior for some furniture such as sea grass carpets and quite adorable pads. To make it brigter, standing lamp at the corner of the room you can put to increase lighting at night.

Living room by : razak_gordyn

A slighty different color touch is chosen in this living room to give a more homey impression. To brown sofa looked neutral with matching monochrome patterned pads between the carpets that appeared to be in the same veer. the air vents contained from the front appear to be open with curtains useful for cover and more privacy.

Living room by : liliofheartly

 If you like a more feminine and refreshing look for the living room in the house, you can use pastel-colored interiors like on the sofa that looks. One table that is used to place this synthesis flower you can place it in a large enough area so as not to block the road. Wallpapper used in this room looks different with stroke accents and more attractive flowers.

Living room by : widhyiendah

To make the living room in the house more attractive and beautiful, the arrangement and decoration you can think about first. Sofa wrapped in frilly fabric looks classic, especially with a touch of interior in line with the white walls are more spacious and clean. Decoration on the walls with mirror and fabrics wrapped in a circular wrap gives the impression on ancient ethnic. To make it more refreshing, you can also put ornamental plants in each corner of the room for a more refreshing atmosphere.

Living room by : adhe_rasyha

The interior chosen in this living room looks a relief, because the neutral color is chosen for a simple and minimalist impression. You can also use furniture that is not excessive or adjust the size of the living room. Decorations on walls such as macrame are chosen to give a more aesthetic and intersting impression.

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