The Best Master Bedroom Paint Ideas in the Year


Picture : @Fera_anas -- Soon it will be new year's day, you must be welcomed with a new look in your personal space. Do you know how important wall paint color is for your mood  and work productivity, especially in the master bedroom? The master bedroom is the first and last place we use everyday to rest and get ready to start activities. Colors are believed to radiate energy that affectts human mood and activities. Here's inspiration the best master bedroom paint ideas in the year!

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Feminine pink salmon paint

This color choice is suitable for young girls. This soft pink, creamy and cheerful color can provide a positive mood and energy for you master bedroom. Give a touch of blue with a flamingo motif on your pillow or mattress to add to the excitement of the bedroom. Leave the empty pink wall as a place to put your favorite painting or wall decor that gives the room a more beautiful appearance.

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Clean white neutral accents

One of the most suitable neutral colors for a narrow room. The white paint color of this one bedroom makes a small room feel wider than it actually is because it can reflect light and make the room brighter and present an open impression.

In addition, it makes it easier for you to put wall hangings so that you don't get boring and combine it with wooden furniture and dark accents. This trick more beautiful and alive even though the area is limited.


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Cool green paint

If you live in a warm climate and a room filled with natural light, use a green bedroom paint color for a tropical touch. If it feels too dominant, you can combine green with other colors as a neutralizer such as white. Create the color placement, such as on a bed sheet, wall decoration or couch. 

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Peach paint in a warm master bedroom

A very bright peach color can create a warm impression on the main bedroom, which previously looked cold and stiff, became cheerful, but not dominant. If you have a bedroom that tends to be darker and cramped, using peach paint on the walls can liven up and brighten the atmosphere.

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The airy sensation appers from cream color in the bedroom

Another solution to make a narrow room seem more spacious is to use a beige bedroom paint color. This master bedroom paint color can present a warm and airy sensation at the same time. You can also add a variety of room decorations, such as warm lighting from table lamps that make the quality of sleep better.

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