Terrace Garden: 6 Things You Must Know

Homiful.com -- Having a beautiful house is the dream of many people. One way to make your dream home come true is to add decorations to the house. Designing a garden on the terrace of the house can beautify the terrace area and make the terrace more beautiful. Check out reviewa about things to consider in designing a garden on the terrace of the house below.

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1. Plants Arragement

The arragement of plants on the terrace area affects the beauty and neatness of the terrace area. the improper arragement makes the garden in front of the house look scattered an unkempt. You can organize them by planting media or color. For example, ornamental plants with large pots are placed on the edge, while small pots are placed on a plant shelf.

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2. Additional Ornament

You can add supporting ornaments that allow it to be placed on the terrace of your house. For example, a canopy used for vines so that it will look more beautiful later. The small pool in front of the terrace also adds to the beautiful impression of the terrace.

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3. Use the Appropiate Planting Media

In making a terrace garden design, of course it needs to be considered in selecting what planting media to use to plants. If you still have land to plant on the soil medium, you can plant with the types of plants that are suitable for planting in the soil. You can also plant in clat pots or hanging pots.

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3. Make Sure It's Comfortable to Relax

The beautiful and cool atmosphere on the terrace garden is suitable for use as a place to relax with family and guests. You can add a sofa and a table in this terrace area.


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5. Also Function as a Sports Veneu

Besides being a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of ornamental plants, the terrace can also be used as a place to exercise. You can add gym equipment that you can use while enjoying the cool air in the terrace area.

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6. Make Sure the Plants Have Enough Light and Water

The beautiful terrace garden can't be separated from the plants that thrive and green. In order for plants to remain beautiful, you must pay attention to the needs of water and light the terrace garden area.

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