Living Room Style Ideas to Paint the Neutral Walls Of Our House


Picture : -- Hi moms, neutral colors like whites, grays and creams are colors that go well with other colors and are applied to the interior of any stylish living room. Therefore, this neutral color is often used as the basic color of the room, for example on walls and floors. If at any time want to change the decoration. You can try new decorations with other colors without having to change the basic color of the room. For example, like the following living room style inspiration!

Picture : @gudanginterior

The neutral color living room style is dominated by gray and cream. The choice of neutral colors gives the living room a soft feel. The residents are guaranteed to feel very comfortable and relaxed while relaxing here. If you want to add a more modern fell, use the main lighting that hangs on the ceiling. Want to use white or dim yellow lights, it's just as good.

Picture : @yayuko_home

Did you realize that there are three neutral colors which when combined will become a monochrome color ? These neutral colors are black, gray and white. Black on the small ornaments, gray on the curtains, and white on the walls and ceiling. To make it look even more beautiful, you have to choose decorations with matching colors. Starting from carpets, photos frames, flower pots in the living room.

Picture : @sindi_ramdani_raharja

The living room doesn't need to be that large to make us feel comfortable. With a super small room size, you can maximize the existing potential. You don't need a large sofa, just choose something that is more compact but still gives a comfortable impression when sitting on it, like a gray sofa bed accompanied by natural rattan chairs. Plus, add a corner shelf and elegant mirror to liven up the atmosphere.

Picture : @lulywidayanti

Beautiful neutral living room design inspiration is proof that neutral colors are timeless. The gray color is commoly used in modern minimalist interiors. Even though it seems innocent. Still, this color is able to survive the times and is favored by many people. This neutral color can also be combined with other colors such as green plants, brown and wood colors.

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