Kitchen Makeover On Your Mind ? Get Inspired !

Picture : putri_kemalad -- Have you been reluctant to cook lately ? Maybe it's because you are bored with the interior design of your home kitchen. This is a sign that your kitchen design needs a makeover. Don't worry beautifying your home kitchen doesn't always require big funds. There are always ways to save expenses, but still get maximum results. Immediately, see the inspiration to renovation the kitchen to be more comfortable.


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If you want a kitchen that is more radiant and brighter, you can change your kitchen cabinets to white and yellow, placing the window or rear exit on the right side in which the sun is coming. So that the striking colors can make the usual kitchen look cooler.


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The kitchen space doesn't have to be big, but try to design the interior by leaving a little brathing room and freedom in the cooking work area. You can choose simple furniture with a minimalist size if you feel your kitchen is small. Then use white on the walls, for a fresh and airy feel.


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The composition of colors and sweet floral motifs in white can make the impression more beautiful and familiar. Even though the kitchen looks simple, you can beautify the kitchen by replacing the backplash wallpaper that matches the top of the kitchen and the cute curtains cover the storage space with soft colors. It is much simpler and more cost effective.


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If the abstract ceramic on the side of the wall seems excited, you can make plain color gradations supported by natural window lighting. As night lighting, you can add a white chadilier to make the atmosphere look dark and stuffy. So that cooking is more comfortable and charming.


Picture : @roemah.yusverina

Of course, you want to make your kitchen look more beautiful and fresh. Simply by changing your mindset in designing the interior. If most kitchens use closed hanging cabinets, you can replace them with open shelves made of wood, so that kitchen utensils can be seen transparently. This will make your kitchen more different and fresher.


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