Delightful Outdoor Dining Area Ideas and Designs

Picture : @prdeina -- The outdoor dining room is the right choice for those of you who want sunny weather almost all year round. With this outdoor dining area, dining time with family will be even more exciting and delightful because you are treated to a natural green view around the house. Making it is quite easy because it doesn't require a large porch area. Just take a look delightful outdoor dining area ideas and designs !

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The outdoor dining area is placed on the side or back yard. The location is of course close to the kitchen, cooking area. A contrast tone is used to distinguish this area from its surroundings. Minimalist style wooden furniture surrounded by green plants and a wooden deck with a pale dark finish without a protective roof, making the gathering atmosphere even more fresh.

Picture : @ephy_septi

A backyard plot blank, without significant functionality. Instead of leaving it idle, it looks like you can try placing the dining table set. But first make sure that the kitchen is close to the area. Or a special connecting access that brings them closer together, one of which is a glass sliding door. In order to be durable and still spacious, you can make it semi-open with minimalist furniture.

Picture : @rahalandproperti

Maybe not everyone has a beautiful view around the house in the form of hills, valleys or cities. But that doesn't mean this one is hard to do! You can choose one corner of the empty space to highlight the beautiful scenery. Like creating a small garden without a roof by laying potted plants with a beautiful white pebble floor guaranteeing that the outdoor dining area will be more impressive.

Picture : @ckkhome

This outdoor dining room is surrounded by an open garden area, but as a dining area, a roof protector is made so that the placement of teak furniture and its decorations will be more durable and long lasting, safe against rainfall. The walls use rough plaster with woven bamboo decorations and hanging plants that make the dining atmosphere cooler and more comfortable.

Picture : @rumah_nacita

Your house has a connecting area between other rooms. You can create an outdoor dining room in the space. The divider between the rooms using white glass doors makes a bright and homey atmosphere blend perfectly in the dining room. Getting around the small area, choose a minimalist dining table set, presenting a natural feel through the many potted plants arranged on neat wooden shelves.

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