A Stunning 3 Bedroom for a Large Family


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Homiful.com -- Hi moms, a dream house for a large family usually has more bedroom capacity. Functioned as the master bedroom, guest room and children's room according to the need of the family. Each room must have a different concept and style according to the character of the occupants to make them more comfortable. Below we will review the inspiration for 3 bedroom funstions for large family that you can apply at home.

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The first bedroom design, can be used as a guest bedroom which tends to be simpler and has different facilities from the main bedroom. You can still enjoy light from the windorw, equipped with a tropical themed bed cover with natural plants decorations and a standing mirror and nightstand to make the room more functional. 

The white wall paint color makes it easy for you to design because of its neutral nature which is suitable to be matched with any stylish ornament.

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If you prefer 2nd florr home. Place the master bedroom on the top floor with balcony facilites that are put together for ventilation space as well as a privacy area when relaxing. The master bedroom design with a tropical nuance is present through plural paintings on the wall side combined with a touch of white interior. Bed queen size with white brown bed cover makes the cool atmosphere warmer at night.

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Switch to the design of the child's room. If your child still needs parental monitoring, choose a lower bed for more safety. The play on the motifs on the matreess makes the plain accent in the room look more alive. Do not forget, to make the interior more beautiful and comfortable for your little one to use, decorate the walls with decorative lights that are safe, such as dim colored tumblr lamps that make the atmosphere even more homey.

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Another master bedroom design for those of you who prefer a quiet, warm and simple concept of space. You can use wallpaper with soft shades such as gold or cream combined with curtains and gray bed covers so that it looks warmer to rest. Do not forget to add backdrop TV to support relaxing activities in the room to be more comrfotable.

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In addition to making children's bedroom designs with decorative lights. You can create a natural space concept. Using wood materials and neutral colors in all corners of the elements in the room. Wood can be presented through floors, rack decorations and photo frames. While for neutral colors you can use white wall paint with a timeless gray patterned bed cover.

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