7 Bathroom Color Ideas you'll Love in the Year


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Homiful.com -- Not only about design, but choosing colors on a bathroom can also make the room seem more prominent and comfortable. Then, too varying colors would bring different shades of color to any bathroom. Like with a few color references to your beloved shower this year, which may well be a stimulating inspiration for beautifying the bathroom in your house !

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Warm, brown and white creams can provide a pop of color for the cramped room. Because of the warm color of the base, the brown on the porcelain bathroom wall is very pretty even if your bathroom doesn't get direct sunlight. You don't need all the elements in your bathroom with one color, one compact with white granite tiles to make it stand out. Don't forget to add crop decorations to encourage cozy.

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You can show your natural lovers the side of the bathroom, including the color of wall paint and the tiles you choose. The soft green color will give texture to your little bathroom. Also, green may provide a cool, calm atmosphere for your bathroom, especially if you combine it with white on the floor, or if you use the white and wood brown bathing furniture that increasingly emphasize the natural effects in your bathroom.

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Besides wall paint, you can also make a sweeter bathroom display by using a pink porcelain with striped patterns and flowers. Pink tiles make the space look more comfortable and aesthetic. You can pick soft pink to pink. According to your personal taste. Along with a touch of neutral colors on the floor and a characterless decor on the super cute hello kitty mirror.

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Don't hesitate to give black color to your bathroom. Combine this black color with white or wood material. You can also use hexagonal ceramic on one side of the wall and floor in black, while the other side is white on a glossy ceramic subwail. So that the light can reflect off your black walls in a pretty and glamorous way, you can add a mirror decoration to the sink wall.

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For other color that can have a natural effect, you can try vintage peach and bone white. Try painting your bathroom walls peach and bone white and then attaching the bathroom furniture in dark brown and wood patterns. This color will make the mood in your bathroom natural. To add contrast to the peach and brown wood colors, you can use iron glass material on the shower door. Very unique, right the combination?

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An unfinished bathroom, a texture game that can be an interesting choice to stimulate the feeling of being in the bathroom. Texture is related to both rough and smooth surfaces. The play of unfinished natural stone wall tiles in this bathroom, for example features a rough gray-colored composition. While the subtle texture is obtained from a combination of neutralizing white paint, and a wooden sink which makes the atmosphere more natural.

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