6 Wonderful Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

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Homiful.com -- Roof terrace or rooftop is a term in home design that refers to a garden terrace placed on the roof. In short, the roof garden is a garden on the roof garden. Roof terrace are an important requirement at this time, especially in big cities, because there is less land to make gardens so that they use the roof of the house as a terrace combined with a garden filled with green plants. Just take a look 6 wonderful rooftop terrace design ideas.


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Making a rooftop terrace with a variety of living plants must be considered the extent of the rooftop area of the house that you have. This is to avoid using plants that take up a lot of space so that the function of the rooftop is not optimal. Such as creating a vertical garden with hanging plant arrangements attached to light metal display on the walls and various potted plants with eye-catching leaf colors.


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The dark cast rooftop floor will look natural with clear glass iron railings that limit the rooftop. Don't forget to add a rocking wooden chairs with a soft foam seat and a black iron coffee table as friends to gather to enjoy the air and views in the morning and evening at you own home.


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The rooftop terrace can also function as a garden for farming, besides being able to grow vegetables and fruit that can be consumed by yourself, this garden will also provide cool air around the residence. You can collect lots of flowers to decorate the room, complete with tables and chairs as a comfortable place to relax. 



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The gazebo is a creative design ideas to outsmart the limited land on the terrace rooftop so that user can still enjoy the cool air and beautiful views on the rooftop of their own house. The canopy with exposed brick railing and vines makes the rooftop terrace look more beautiful and different from other designs.


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In additionto the gazebo, you can add a large cloth canopy or umbrella cover with potted pine and cactus plants which make the terrace rooftop area a shady place to relax and gathering and make you feel at home with a beautiful view around your house. Arrange some of the lounge chair furniture that is sidelined, so that the middle part still feels roomy for children to play or to place on the floor.

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