6 Ways to Protect Your Home From Termites


Homiful.com -- Termites are a problem that is often encountered in residential areas, especially those that use wooden furniture. Apart from being annoying, the presence of termites also makes house materials and wooden furniture not durable. Before that happens, you should undertand how to get rid of the following termites so that your house doesn't collapse and become a termite nest.

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1. Complete the house with maximum ventilation

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Termites tend to like places that are damp and have little sunlight. If you have a house and lots of wooden furniture, the first way to get rid of termites is to build adequate ventilation so that sunlight can enter every corner of the house. In addition, repairing any damaged tiles before termites enter and build a colony is also an easy way to get rid or termites.


2. Repairing wall cracks in the house

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The most important thing for those of you who own a house is to periodically check the condition of the house. The cracks that appear can be a way for termites to enter the house so that we are overwhelmed to find ways to get rid of termites when the termite colony has formed. Therefore, cover the crack with white cement or renovate it again to make it safer. 


3. Avoid standing water in the outdoor space of the house

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There is a pool of water, that's where the termites will breed. The way to get rid of termites from the outside of the house is to prevent standing water, either in the yard or side garden. This method of getting rid of termites needs to be done, especially during the rainy season. Clean sewers regularly, aprt from being a way to get rid of termites. You can also get rid of mosquitoes. 


4. Drying wooden furniture in the outdoor area

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The ways to get rid of termites who like to eat wood material is to keep the material from becoming damp, namely by drying it regulary in the sun. In addition, always use varnish regulary on wooden furniture so that it is not easy to enter the moisture that causes termites.

5. The natural way of washing rice water

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For those of you who like to cook, usually after washing rice, the rice water is just thrown away, right ? Well, you can use rice washing water to get rid of termites naturally. Spray on the affected area, termites will decrease slowly and leave the place. This method of getting rid of termites is very easy and cheap, right ?

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