6 Very Original Small Kitchen That Will Inspire You


Homiful.com -- The kitchen is one of the best spots that are often used by mothers in general. In order to create a homey and attractive kitchen, of course, it is necessary to decorate and arrange appropriately. You can add a cabinet for additional spaces as a place to store groceries or cooking furniture. Of course with the kitchen cabinet in the houses is increasingly organized neatly and save space. Well, for those of you who have a small kitchen at home don't worry. Homiful.com will give you a little reference. Check out the following reviews.

Kitchen by : susanyeleyhomes

The open and elegant impression can also be seen from the appearance of this kitchen. The overarching cabinet with black color at the bottom is deliberately used to give a different tone to be more prespective. Because with a small size, the owner also get around with the use of U-shaped cabinet in order to have maximum wiggle room. Not only that, additional shelves are also featured in this kittchenette in order to save more space.

Kitchen by : aptokuhn

To make your home kitchen look more spacious you can try this way. The size that extends with enough spaces and the use of the selected cabinet is also neutral color for a brighter impression. You can use additional cabinets in some corners or with shelves to keep things more organized. Lighting is also very helpful for those of you who have a minimalist kitchen like this to feel brighter.

Kitchen by : elasduasdecoram

With a limited size this scandinavian style kitchen you can choose for more beautiful kitchen decoration. This U-shaped kitchen set is the right choice so that the spaces is more maximum and not crowded. To function the space more neatly arranged, you can add a cabinet in each corner to fit a lot of goods. In addition to the slick interior, you should also pay attention to the lighting in this kitchen for a more open impression from ventilation to downlight.

Kitchen by : tokoimportir

Although it looks minimalist with the use of this L-shaped kitchen set, the look of the kitchen also looks elegantly minimalist and attractive. Smart owners carefully use kitchens without cabinets for wiggle room and air is more relieved. To make the strorage of goods, shelves to cabinets are also keep away from the pantry for a wider impression and do not interfere when cooking. You can add shelves in the pantry area for frequent storage of  items, so that it can make it easier to search.

Kitchen by : veyalvia22

How to make your home kitchen feel spacious considering the size of the house is not so big, you need to do the following. Combining a mini bar with a kitchen set without bulkheads so that it can provide enough wiggle room for other rooms. The backsplash that appears to use this exposed brick is meant to give a little natural touch and cooler. Cabinet combination placed at the top is very useful for the storage of cooking utensils in the house is more neatly arranged.

Kitchen by :  dekorasidapurkita

Not much different from the previous kitchen decoration. This kitchen uses an L-shaped kitchen set to distinguish the cooking area and dishwashing to make it more neat. Neatly arranged cabinet in the pantry area looks similar to the soft pintk interior looks more feminine. To make it more open, this small kitchen adds window ventilation aimed at giving air into the kitchen more optimally without feeling stuffy.

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