6 Veggies That Grow Easily in Your Balcony Garden


Homiful.com -- When you want to gardening but you don't have land, don't worry because the balcony area can be used as a garden. So you can gardening in the balcony area. The balcony area can be planted with various types of vegetable with pot planting media, hydroponics, and other growing media. Here are 6 inspiration veggies that groe easily in your balcony garden.

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1. Chili

Chilies are a mandatory food for those who like spicy foods so they are suitable for planting on the balcony area. Chili peppers area great for growing in pots with lots of sun and warms conditions. Chili plants are tough plants that recover quickly even if they don't get water or sunlight.

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2. Lettuce

Lettuce is a suitable plant on the balcony. You can put the lettuce in a place that gets enough sunlight but not too much. Many planting media that can be used, one of which is a pot made of paralon which can accommodate many plants.

Picture: @alexandra.aragao

3. Celery

Celery can be grown in the large pots on you balcony. these vegetables include vegetables that are easy to grow and easy to care for. Celery can be harvested several times a season. Don;t forget to water regularly.

Picture: @gursanerdem

4. Tomato

Tomato vegetables are one of the easiest plants to groe, especially to be placed on balcony. Tomatoes can be planted in pots media. Tomato need lots of light and little bit watter. Make sure to always pay attention to the growth and development of this plants. Provide a kind of post for the plant back so it doesn't wither easily.

Picture: @katys_part_time_cuisine

5. Spinach

One of the choices of vegetables to be planted on the balcony is spinach. Spinach is simply planted on a planting medium that is given soil and water it regularly and is given fertilizer. If you need these vegetables you just have to pick them up on the balcony.

Picture: @azharafarm

6. Kale

Kale is vegetable that can be grown using the hydroponic metjod on the balkony, The hydrioinic method on the balcony. The hydroponic method aimms a grown plants without soil media but water media. Hydroponic plants must pay attention to their water and oxygen levels.

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