6 Small Living Room Decor Ideas That Won't Sacrifice Your Style

Homiful.com -- If you have a small living room, don't worry about it because a tiny living room can be decorated into a beautiful and comfortable room. The key is choosing the right interior components and the appropriate decoration. This is inspiration for you about small living room decor ideas that won't sacrifice your style.

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The wall area can be used to design a more beautiful living room by providing embossed wall decorations and wall decorations from knitted fabrics. In order for the room to feel cooler and more beautiful, add ornamental plants on the side of the room such as bamboo palms and monstera which placed in rattan pots.

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The concept of a house without a partition makes the house appear wider, such as in the living room which is adjaced to this kitchen area. The linear shapped sofa is equipped with pillows to make someone feel comfortable sitting there. This tiny living room looks more beautiful with ornamental plants placed in mini vases and pots.

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Tips for making a small living room feel spacious is decorate the room with a beautiful mirror. Mirror has a reflective effect which can make a small living room look wider. This living room looks beautiful with a sectional sofa and round table with iron and marble materials. There are chandeliers with sparkling gold colored branches that make the room look lively.

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The suitable room composition makes a small room feel comfortable. The living room can be decorated by adding ornamental plants such as sansivera and synthetic plants so that the living room looks beautiful. In order for the walls to look more vibrant, the decoration of the frames and wall shelves are added as a container for hanging plants.

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In order for a small living room to accommodate a lot of items, it is necessary to add a more functional vertical shelf or cabinet. The shelf can hold items such as decorations and ornamental plants. Decorative mirrors are also a solution so that the living walls look more attractive.

Picture: @mama_zaydan_gallery

This last little living room inspiration uses a beige theme with consistent nuances. Whatever the choice of interior theme fot your small living room, make sure the theme you choose is applied consistenly so that the room looks beautiful. The living room looks more natural with ornamental plants placed on pots and shelves.

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