6 Small Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your Space


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Homiful.com -- Do you want decorations that are fresh, beautiful and bring a cool atmosphere that is suitable for your dream home ? Indoor ornamental plants can be the first choice for you. Not all ornamental plants have to be large and take up space, in fact there are still many types or indoor ornamental plants that are mini, cute and completely adorable. Without needing a lot of space, let's take a peek small indoor plants to spruce up your space !

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Little Lidah mertua flowers

Want a fresher air in the room ? just try the snake plant  or the lidah mertua  tiny flower with an effective terracota pots as a poison absorber. Just one small pot for this indoor ornamental plant to make the air circulation more fresh in the living room, and the appearance of stiff leaves in bloom that grows upward also makes it cool. 

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Paris lily ( Chlorophytum comosum)

Leaf ornamental plants that have a simple appearance but are liked by many people, namely paris lily, also called "Bulu ayam" , because they have small elongated leaves with white edges and dark green stripes. This plant is suitable to be grown in a room decorating a staircase landing with elegant standing pots. Known to be resilient, or not fussy. That's why you don't have to bother to always water it all the time. Just wait for the right moment to water it, namely when the growing media is completely dry. 

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Echeveria Succulent

The beauty of the succulent species, Echeveria  can be a tiny indoor ornamental plant with a beautiful rose-like flower shape. The leaes are shiny and colored, and most importantly, they don't need a large potting medium. If making Echeveria  an indoor houseplant, remember not to place it in a cold room because for mold. You can put it on the terrace or living room on a natural wooden wall shelf.


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Jade plant

Another succulent as an alternative to beautiful and adorable small indoor ornamental plants, Jade plants are ornamental plants that are synonymous with bringing good luck in the house. This indoor ornamental plant is not only beautiful with thick oval leaves, but also durable if cared for painstakingly. Clean the leaves if covered with room dust, give a little water and clean it occasionally. You can decorate your work desk or bedroom dressing table with jade plants.

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Aloe vera

Do you know ? Aloe vera is still a succulent indoor or outdoor ornamental plant. Just like other type of succulent houseplants, alove vera can be present as a small, efficient indoor houseplant. With the presence of this plant, you will also easily reap its benefits as a burn reliever or skin moisturizer. Enough to weed it occasionally, aloe vera indoor ornamental plants are ready to decorate nicely on the guest table in your home.


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Golden ball cactus plant

This last type of small plant is a cactus.  This cactus  is a type of succulent that can grow up to one meter. It has a unique shape like a ball with gold spikes that follow the outline of the leaf pattern. Behind the many thorns on the cactus but the added value, the thorns and goldern flowers are very beautiful to look at, even though they can't be touched. You can water his cactus once a week, because you have to wait for the soil to dry first to water it.

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