6 Small Bedroom Decor Ideas That Feel Cozy


Homiful.com -- Do you want to decorate the bedroom to make it feel cozy? There are many ways to make a bedroom feel comfortable even on a small size. The key is to pay attention to the arragement and what items are suitable to be adden to the bedroom and eliminate items that are not used in the bedroom. Hopefully these 6 small bedroom decor inspirations can inspire you.

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A bedroom without a bed makes the room feel more spacious and you can add a table and chairs to relax. The bedroom feels warmly with wooden parquest floors annd wooden furniture. To save more space, you can plug wooden hangers so that the walls look aesthetically and functional.


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The trick to saving space in the bedroom is to place objects side by side, such as a bed and a cupboard that is placed side by side. The positition of the bed that is close to the window makes the bed feel spacious because can immediately see out the window. Besides that the bedroom has adequate lighting and good air circulation.

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To get around a narrow bedroom, you can add an open shelf attached to the wall to place books and add a drawer under the bed that can be used to store things. The brown color in the furniture combines with the gray color on the curtains and bed linen into a beautiful blend and is suitable to be appplied in a narrow bedroom.

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You can decorate a room in a simple style, adding a bed and a drawer decorated with a vase. In order for the bedroom to look more beautiful, the wall of the room can be decorated with a wall motif that suits you.

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Small bedroom in ructic style makes the room feel comfortable when occupied. You can add shelves and a few drawers which can save space. Sufficient lighting can make the room feel more spacious so you add a light sleeper or open the window during the day.

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Children will feel comfortable in a room with a character theme, as well as the bedroom. A suitable decoration for a child's bedroom is to paint a chid's bedroom wall with the character he likes. Even though the room is small, it can be maximized with the right arragement and decoration so that children still feel comfortable.

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