6 Small Backyard Ideas for Your Home


Homiful.com -- Backyard behind the house can be used as a place to garden or relax with the family. You can also make the backyard a childrens's play area or a gathering place with friends. Then how do you make the backyard look beautiful and useful? Don't worry, Homiful.com have a solution for you. Here's an idea about 6 small backyard for your home!

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Having a house with limited land doesn't mean you can't make your backyard to be charming place. Decorate the backyard into a beautiful garden with various ornamental plants that are placed in pots or planted creeping up the stairs. You can also add chairs and coffee table that can be used as a place to relax with your family.

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This backyard used as a garden with natural concept that uses soil growing media. The plants are laid out on cement pots in a charming red color. The brick red footrest also adds a impression to this backyard. Coupled with the coral stone decoration on the footrest gap makes the backyard more comfortable and beautiful.

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The next backyard decoration idea used a semi outdoor concept with green grass and ornamental plants and a pond. The doors and rear windows use wood material with a canopy decorated with vines that make small backyard more beautiful.

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The backyard of the house can be used as a terrace equipped with a beautiful green garden. You can design the back porch of the house with chair decorations that can be used to relax while enjoying the back garden of the house. Ornamental plants are placed in pot planting media and hung to make them look beautiful.

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A backyard can be designed to be a comfortable and beautiful place. You can replace the backyard wall using ceramic motifs and plug a glass canopy thats allows sunlight to enter but is still protected from rainwater. You can add decorative plants to the corner of the room, for example, monstera and calathea plants.

Picture: @adeirma.love

This last backyard idea inspiration comes with a white background decorated with paintings of trees and grass which makes the atmosphere look more natural. There is also green grass and coral stones that provide a natural atmosphere. Ornamental plants that beautify this area are sansivera and cacti which make this area more beautiful. You can lay out a carpet to relax with your family.

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