6 Outdoor Patio Ideas and Designs For Backyards and Rooftop

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Homiful.com -- Are you confused about decorating the outdoor patio in your backyard and rooftop ? Surely you want you terrace to be a fun gathering place with your family or a cool gardening place. Come on, just read it 6 outdoor patio ideas and designs for backyards and rooftop.


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A semi-closed terrace on the rooftop can be realized by using a lightweight stell frame roof with a layer of spandex canopy again so that heat and rain can be avoided when you relax. The terrace can be filled with wood with soft pillows and various cactus plants to add a more beautiful natural impression. This design is able to provide a lot of light intesily, considering that the trellis is made semi-open.


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As for the wider back porch, you can add a gazebo or greenhouse as a tent for your orchid collection when gardening. The bamboo gazebo is still in demand, complementing the back porch of the house with potted plants and a large green lawn for a more casual and very homey gathering place.


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If you don't use a backyard ? You can decorate your back porch with a cooler design. In order to highlight the ornaments and plants that you have arranged, use paint colors on the dividing wall with a striking yellow color. So that the atmosphere and appearancecan attract the attention of anyone who sees it.


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Well, a spacious rooftop area like this you can use for any activity. The green floor of syinthetic grass with a roster fence and hollow iron glass railing looks relieved with a beautiful view around the house that spoils the eye. You can exercise, gather and play with children with a large capacity of people without fear of a narrow impression on the rooftop terrace area.


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Various ways are done by people to get rid of bored and fatigue at home. One way to get rid of  bored is like growing vegetables by applying the hydroponic method. Juggling the rooftop area and backyard as a gardening place will make your activities more usefull. Interesting right ? There is no harm in trying at home.


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