6 Genius Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Homiful.com -- Talking about the design and decoration of a small kitchen, almost every housewife of small kitchen user will often complain and get frustrated with the limitations in terms of space and function. This error is coomon and often occurs because the design of a small kitchen rarely puts forward the total needs of its users. The what must be a concern about this small kitchen design ideas ? Come use 6 genius small kitchen decorating ideas.




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One of the problems of small kitchen design is the lack of space dimensions to work freely. Not surprisingly, the countertop area usually takes up quite a lot of space because of its elongated shape with safety when cooking, for example smoke-resistant cookerhood, wallpaper that is prone to oil splashes. Tips for avoiding this mistake are to separate the position of the dining table and the cooking work area to make it more spacious.


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The right small kitchen design will prioritize the most ideal cabinet arrangement, both in terms of good position and storage space. An example is the cabinet door must be able to open perfectly and not collide with each other when opened so that it saves space. A well organized storage position is also not too far apart to make it more efficient when reaching it.


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A simple small kitchen design will answer the correct flow or workflow. For example, the location of the cooking area next to the sink or a washing area with a dish dryer that maximize the wall above the sink. With the right position like this, your small kitchen design is guaranted not only to be more fun, but also to be a beautiful small kitchen design according to your taste.


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Good kitchen ventilation will prevent the kitchen from splashing oil on it, smoke puffs, and smells. Without proper ventilation your small kitchen will become stuffy and boring. Therefore, add a window for light and air ventilation that is simpler and more cost-effective, equipped with roller blinds so that the outside heat is not too extreme.


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Leave a more spacious dimensional space in the middle even though your kitchen concepts is united with the adjacent dining room. A dining table that is not too close will give you a more spacious cooking workspace, with lots of small kitchen storage and not too much decoration. If the kitchen is far from outdoor spaces or windows, choose bright and soft accents like white and cream that will refclect light more naturally.


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