6 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas


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Homiful.com -- Hi mom, The kitchen is one part of the house that requires special arrangement. This area is prone to dirt and is used relatively frequently. The number of cooking utensils often makes the kitchen seem messy and pile up. Therefore, a neat kitchen atmosphere will make anyone in the kitchen feel happier. The importance of a neatly arranged kitchen is certainly able to improve your mood when you want to cook. Just take a look at 6 genius kitchen organization ideas.


1. Take advantage of empty walls

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Take advantage of the empty wall area in the kitchen. A blank wall can be used to hang cooking utensils. You just need to prepare a simple hanging rack and nails. Hanging racks can be used to hold pots, glasses or cups. If there is an empty wall area above the sink, you can place a dish rack that functions to drain the water after washing so that it is tidier.


2. Use vertical shelves that are open

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If you have a kitchen that is not that large, you can outsmart using vertical cabinets or shelves to save space. It would be better if without a cover or a transparent glass cabinet so that the room still looks spacious. For storing cutlery, spices, or dry food stock. Arrange it in a way makes it easy to pick up when needed and remains tidy.


3. Take advantage of the lower cabinet

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The lower cabinet tends to be empty. You can use it to store items, such as trash cans, floor cleaner, dish soap stock, large pots, and so on. In order for the apperance to be more beautiful, tidy and appear to be hidden, the existence of a cloth curtain can cover the presence of the cabinet at the bottom.


4. Expand the drawers

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Similar to the pull out swivel concept which makes it easier for you to pick up items. When using shelves, you usually tend to put items that are rarely used on the inside. In fact, sometimes you forget to have it because it is not visible. By using a drawer, every corner eill be easily accessible. Don't forget to group kitchen items as needed, place them in an easily accessible position for items that are often needed. 


5. More efficient combination of cabinet glass material

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The position of the dish dryer which is above the sink with transparent glass material makes it easy for you to see it without opening it. So that cooking activities in the kitchen become lighter and the arrangement of kitchen items becomes neater and gives the impression of relief.

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