6 Bungalow House for a Simple Living


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Homiful.com -- Are you familiar with the word "Bungalow house" ? We usually find bungalow as one of the lodging options in various tourist destinations. The design is simple but able to make many people make the bungalow house their favorite place to stay. You can also have your own bungalow with a small size and simple living, this house is prefect as a place to rest from the busy day.

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Not only a place to stay during a vacation, a bungalow can also be a comfortable permanen residence, especially if you are single or have a small family. Even though it's simple you can create a comfortable house by using a simpler building form. Wllas of woven bamboo with minimal living usually only have 1 bedroom, bathroom and living room.


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If you like exotic designs typical of tropical islands, then this inspiration could be the right choice. Tiny triangular bungalow house with thatched roof and wooden frame dominated by warm white and brown. Don't forget to add chairs that are suitable for relaxing at the front of the bungalow. Large window are also a great choice if you want to maximize natural lighting, with an outside atmosphere full of shady trees which makes the atmosphere even cooler.


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This simple bungalow house carries a minimalist style in terms of materials. This minimalist concept bungalow looks very shady with a combination of white and dark gray. Unlike the previouse bungalow concepts, the large garden makes the interior more minimali, the terrace functions as a living room with a soothing natural view.

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This bungalow manages to look beautiful with a charming selection of natural design. As you can see in the picture, the exterior of this bungalow is filled with natural nuances of white and blue which are distinctive through the dominating selection of wood materials. Limasan roof with high ceiling and lots of windows for maximum access to air and light circulation. This house is very suitable to be used as a vacation spot with friends and family, because various indoor and outdoor activities can be done in all areas of this house.

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The natural concept is one of the bungalow house that are quite widely used by various tourist attractions ad inns because it is considered comfortable and unique. Using wood or thatched roofs with a still house model you can also use in private bungalows. Especially if the location of this one residence is far from the crowd, for example in mountainous areas and beaches. Provides a different overnight experience and is certainly more relaxing that staying overnight in a house with fairly modern concept.

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