6 Brilliant and Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas


Homiful.com -- The rooftop area of the house is not only used as a place for drying clothes but can be designed to be an extraordinary place in the area of the house. You can design the rooftop into a garden and a gazebo as a place to relax. You can also make the rooftop as a beautiful green garden. Here's the inspiration for you.

Picture: @ifa_ade

Being on the rooftop area does give its own impression because you can see the sky freely and enjoy the surrounding scenery freely. To make the rooftop area more comfortable to use for relaxing, you can add a gazebo and a swing that can be used to relax with your family while enjoying the view.

Picture: @konmari.co

In a minimalist house, there is usually use flat roof where besides tile area, this area can be used as a relaxing area with a nice arrangement that can create a comfortable place to relax. You can arrange wooden planks that can be covered with a soft mattres that is used as a sofa. Don't forget to add ornamental plants so that the atmosphere is more beautiful.

Picture: @meyca_avivi

Having a garden at home makes the home look beautiful. If you don't have a place in front of and back of the house, you can make the rooftop area becomes a garden. Plants can be styled in a vertical garden concept with table and chair decorations for relaxing.

Picture: @rymayulia

The rooftop design with brown parquest floors combined with tables and chairs made of iron and wood makes the rooftop atmosphere more comfortable. You can relax while having a snack and drinking a cup of coffee.

Picture: @hej_liv

Moving on to the next rooftop terrace inspiration that is simple but looks aesthetically pleasing. In the corner of the rooftop, you can decorate a seat and a table made of wood. On the edge of the border you can also add ornaments in the form of decorative lights that can light up beautifully at night. Don't forget to add ornamental plants that can beautify your rooftop terrace.

Picture: @nassiraoosterswonen

You can apply a theme to design the rooftop area to be more beautiful, for example applying a wood theme to the rooftop to make this area like a rustic style. Other properties can also be cuztomized to match the theme color.

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