6 Beautiful Terrace Garden Images You Should Look For Inspiration


Homiful.com -- Having a house with a beautiful appearance makes the owner and guests feel comfortable. In order for your home to be more beautiful and natural, you can add a garden to the terrace area. This concept makes the terrace area of your house more attractive. Here's 6 beautiful terrace garden images you should look for inspiration! 

Picture: @nufussayati

The atmosphere of the terrace is more beautiful by applying a Scandinavian style terrace garden. You can add a typical Scandinavian table and chairs with a combination of wood and iron. Plants that you can add in the form of cacti and mini plants are placed on a potting medium made of clay to make your terrace garden beautiful.

Picture: @qais_home

Having limited land is not a limitation for designing a beautiful and attractive terrace garden. You can design a terrace using plant racks, mini pots, and other growing media. The vertical arrangement of plants serves to save space on the terrace.

Picture: @rumah_nano

If you still have the remaining land in front of the house it can be used to design terrace garden using a pot planting media. The terrace area can also designed as a terrace garden with the plant shelf to save more space.

Picture: @rumahnayyara20

The situation of the house terrace will feel cooer and more beautiful if you design a terrace garden by arranging the plants on the pot planting media and adding a mini pool in front of the terrace so that the atmosphere feels more natural. This place can also be used to relax and gather with family.

Picture: @tatikkasmeta

Having a house terrace with a level makes the terrace more stand out. You can design a terrace garden by placing ornamental plants at the bottom. Plants that can be added are in the form of Calathea and Aglaonema which make the terrace garden look beautiful.

Picture: @rumah.rosa

This last terrace garden design looks elegant with ornamental plants that grow in soi and potting media. You can also add chairs to relax on the terrace of the house.

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