6 Beautiful Kitchen Table Ideas


Homiful.com -- The beauty of the kitchen area is supported by several things, one of which is the model and material of the kitchen table. The kitchen table is used to put kitchen equipment such as stoves, sink, dish racks and much more.  You can create the kitchen table as you wih. Here's the inspiration of 6 beautiful kitchen table ideas for you.

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The wood based kitchen table gives a rustic style to the kitchen area. The wood grain is still clearly visible on the kitchen table which actually gives a beautiful impression. Wood material is also known for its sturdy impression. The kitchen table looks more beautiful when combined with other furniture made of wood.

Picture: @dapurmungill

The existence of a motif on the kitchen table gives a more beautiful impression because each motif has its own character. For example, a flower motif on the kitchen table gives a more floral and beautiful impression to the kitchen. The room also feels more filled with the motif on the kitchen table.

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Marble material on the kitchen table was chosen because it has the characteristics of being sturdy, strong, and easy to clean. The sink area is also covered with this material so that the kitchen looks prettier combined with the white on the backsplash area.

Picture: @pidafida

The kitchen tale in the L shaped kitchen area looks elegant even though it uses ceramic material without a motif. This table is equipped with a lower cabinet with a matching gray color, making the kitchen atmosphere comfortable. You can add a cooktop on the kitchen table to make your kitchen more beautiful.

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Kitchen table made of PVC are resistant to scratches and are easy to absorb stains and oil. The surface of the kitchen table with plain colors and shapes actually gives an elegant and attractive impression to the kitchen table. A table with this model can be combined with other colors to make it look prettier.

Picture: @aprilliawardah91

In the kitchen area can be designed by arranging and designing the kitchen area to make it more beautiful. One of them is by designing a multilevel kitchen table. For example, the table for placing the stove is made lower to suit its use.

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