6 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That are Also Easy to Maintain

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Homiful.com -- Gardening and buying ornamental plants to put in the house are now becoming a trend among people, both young and old. With the green plants in the house, the atmosphere in it will feel cooler and more beautiful. Moreover, most of these indoor ornamental plants are not as difficult to care for as one might imagine. In general, ornamental plants do not need a lot of water or sunlight. So moms, what indoor ornamental plants are easy for you to care for at home ? Here is Homiful.com to summarize it.
1. Peace lily

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Who says plants with flowers can't survive indoors ? Peace lily  is a type or plant that can survive indoors with medium to low lighting. That means avoid putting a peace lily  in direct sunlight, yes moms. In addition, a peace lily can also help filter the air in the room, especially the living room. However, don't forget to keep taking care of it by watering it and slowly sprinkling it with water on the leaves to keep it moist.


2. Lidah mertua (Sansevieria or snake plant)

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Lidah mertua plants it self can grow well in all conditions. However, mothers are still advised to water it occasionally in a week. Not only as a decoration for the room, Lidah mertua plant law also functions to filter the air. This plant will release oxygen at night and improve air quality at home.


3. Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera  is one type of beautiful indoor plant that is quite popular to decorate the room at home because Monstera  has a wide leaf shape, and there are holes in the leaves so that it looks beautiful and unique. This plant is also easy to grow in all places, both in cold and hot weather. Even though it gets more sunlight or light, monstera  will grow well, but you should be able to place this type of plant in a shady or damp place.


4. Rubber plant

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Named Ficus elastica, rubber plants have the best conditions when exposed to bright sunlight. Place it next to a window with light curtains and the rubber plant will grow well. Make sure the rubber plant  is damp. You can wipe it with a wet cloth or spray it with warm water occasionally on the layer of the leaves to keep it looking pretty on the eyes.


5. Calathea white fushion (Kalatea tisu)

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Kalatea tisu  is characterized by its small and leafy leaves. Generally has distinctive lines on the leaves. If you look closely, the leaves seem to be hand-painted with a green and white motif forming a gradient. Almost all types of kalatea that are suitable for planting in pots do not need much light. Or you can also live with artificial light in the house, especially semi-shade. It is best placed in the east side window. In this position, it will have enough light to color the leaves properly, and the scorching morning sun isn't too tormented.

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